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sunny-doink-the-clown-taka-michinoku-wwe-ecw 1
10 Wrestling Stars ECW Shouldn't Have Hired

Not all ECW signings became hardcore legends. Some stars just didn't live up to the hype. Here are the wrestlers who never belonged in an ECW ring.

wwe-shawn-michaels-bald-dolph-ziggler-brown-hair-faarooq-gladiator 1
Shawn Michaels' Bald Head & 9 More Wrestling Looks That Shocked WWE Fans

WWE fans get accustomed to the appearances of their favorite wrestlers. When these superstars change up their looks, fans are shocked!

Funniest and Weirdest WWE Gimmicks 1
The Top 10 Funniest and Weirdest Wrestling Gimmicks Of All Time

Wrestling promotions like WWE, WCW, and TNA have all produced funny and wacky personas. However, these 10 gimmicks must be the strangest & funniest!

wwe-edge-the-miz-aj-styles 1
5 WWE Wrestlers Who Are Over 40 & Still Have It (& 4 Who Don't)

Certain WWE wrestlers over 40 have managed to maintain their dominance in the ring & defy the limits of time, while others have struggled to keep up!

wwe-sheamus-sasha-banks-wcw-scott-steiner-heel-turns 1
Sheamus' Mohawk & 9 Other Wrestlers Who Transformed After Turning Heel

WWE wrestlers go through character transformations when going from babyface to heel. Sometimes this can involve a mohawk for The Celtic Warrior!

wwe-supernatural-gimmicks-kane-gangrel-ecw-zombie 1
The Best and Worst Supernatural Wrestling Characters, According to WWE Fans

WWE is famous for introducing legendary gimmicks that are supernatural. However, some supernatural gimmicks just didn't click with fans!

Wrestlers Who Should Have Debuted Sooner 1
10 Wrestlers Who Should Have Debuted Sooner

Timing is everything in wrestling, and the wait was too long for these WWE and WCW wrestlers who should have made their debut much earlier.

wwe-finishing-moves 1
10 Awful Finishers That Surprisingly Won Over WWE Fans

These finishing moves didn't look so special. However, that didn't stop the WWE Universe from appreciating these awful finishers!

wwe-submission-moves-chris-jericho-great-khali-rey-mysterio-shayna-baszler 1
5 Gruesome-Looking Wrestling Submissions & 5 That Appear Harmless

Submissions can be very efficient wrestling moves for WWE Superstars. Many look cool, but some look downright gruesome or absolutely harmless!

wwe-boogeyman-ryback-emma 1
Top 10 WWE Entertainers Who Flopped In The Ring

Being a sports entertainer in WWE is a difficult job. But when it came time to wrestle on the main roster, these superstars flopped in the ring!

wwe-the-fiend-bray-wyatt-chris-jericho-chelsea-green 1
10 Bizarre Alter Egos in Wrestling History

WWE and other promotions have featured iconic wrestlers with equally iconic alter egos. But what about alter egos that are incredibly bizarre?

wwe-sin-cara-aew-excalibur-pentagon-jr 1
10 Rare Glimpses of Wrestlers Behind the Masks

Wrestling fans have long been intrigued by masked wrestlers from WWE, AEW, WCW, and elsewhere. Let's look behind the lucha masks!

wild-samoans-batista-gene-snitsky-wwe 1
The Wild Samoans' Protégés: 7 Incredible Wrestlers They Trained

The Wild Samoans were not only a legendary tag team but also mentors to diverse, talented wrestlers. They trained numerous stars who ended up in WWE!

aew-keith-lee-luchasaurus-brian-cage 1
The Ultimate Ranking Of AEW's Big Men From Best To Worst

AEW is home to some of the biggest and baddest wrestling stars out there. When it comes to big men wrestlers, some succeed while others fall short!

10 Wrestlers Who Ditched Boots for Sneakers in the Ring 1
10 Wrestling Stars Who Ditched Boots For Sneakers In The Ring

Wrestling boots are more commonplace on wrestlers than sneakers. However, in WWE and AEW, there have been stars who preferred to wear sneakers!

wwe-chyna-raquel-rodriguez-jamie-hayter-aew 1
Top 8 Female Wrestling Bodyguards Ranked From Worst To Best

Some of pro wrestling's toughest women have taken on the bodyguard role. These fierce females from WWE, AEW, & WCW are as tough as nails!

wwe-mason-ryan-tino-sabbatelli-nathan-jones 1
10 Forgotten Wrestlers With Amazing Physiques

WWE has had some incredibly JACKED wrestlers on its books, some of which you've probably forgotten about! These former competitors looked incredible!

Young & old Wrestlers 1
4 Wrestlers Who Are Older Than Fans Assume (& 4 Who Are Younger)

Wrestling fans would be shocked to learn the ages of their favorite wrestlers. From NJPW to WWE, some stars don't look their age!

wwe-beth-phoenix-triple-h-goldberg 1
10 Older Wrestlers Who Are Still In Great Shape And Look Incredible

Somehow, a handful of wrestlers were able to defy time. Even as older wrestlers, these stars remained in phenomenal shape and still look amazing!

The Best Finishing Moves 1
The 10 Best Wrestling Finishing Moves Of All Time, According To

Professional wrestling has numerous iconic finishing moves. However, the following finishers stand out as the best of all time!

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