• WWE veteran Carlito has yet to make his return to television despite signing a new deal in July.
  • The creative team is struggling to find plans for Carlito's in-ring action and storylines.
  • In fact, a new report claims that Triple H, WWE's CCO, simply cannot figure out what to do with the former United States Champion

WWE veteran Carlito, who re-signed with the company back in July, has yet to be seen on television.

Carlito, a former United States and Intercontinental Champion, played a key role in the WWE during the 'Ruthless Aggression' era in the 2000s, and has made a number of cameo appearances for the company since.

The 44-year-old inked a new deal to return this past summer after receiving a huge ovation at the Backlash Premium Live Event back in May, but a new report suggests that Triple H and the creative team has yet to figure out plans for him to return to in-ring action and storylines.

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What are WWE's plans for Carlito?

"Caribbean Cool" seems to have been lost in the shuffle already as it has been reported that the WWE Creative team currently have no plans for Carlito, despite the fact that he's been signed with the company for the past two months.

Dave Meltzer of Wrestling Observer has chimed in with an update on Carlito's status, noting that WWE and Triple H are still trying to figure out ways to bring him back into storylines and have him return to TV once again

Carlito ulled off all his indies, so he must have signed, and they were ready to start. He had a start date. He went. He was there. They couldn't figure out what to do with him. And they still haven't figured out what to do with him

Carlito 2
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Carlito was last seen on WWE television back in May at the Backlash Premium Live Event where he made a surprise appearance to a roaring ovation in his home country of Puerto Rico.

Carlito then went on to tease talks with WWE for several months and then began cancelling planned independent appearances, further signalling that the two parties had reached an agreement, as had been reported.

At Backlash, Carlito was directly involved in action involving Rey Mysterio's LWO and celebrity WWE star Bad Bunny, fueling speculation that the veteran would be bought into SmackDown to work with the popular group, but that has yet to come to pass.

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When will Carlito return to WWE?

Right now, there is no set date on when Carlito will return to WWE television, but he has indeed signed on with the company and is an active member of the roster, at least on paper.

Ringside News has noted on X that Carlito has been working on character vignettes at the WWE Performance Center in preparation for his eventual return to TV, and could also be working to help develop the work of the younger roster members.

The likely scenario, although currently pure speculation, is that the WWE Creative will eventually pull the trigger on re-igniting his previous involvement with the LWO over on SmackDown, and could have him return to TV soon enough.

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