• Steph Curry holds the record for the most 3-pointers made in NBA history, but he doesn't own every record related to his signature shot.
  • James Harden currently holds the record for the most 3-point attempts in a single season, surpassing Curry's second-place spot.
  • Klay Thompson holds the record for the most 3-pointers made in a single game, but Curry holds multiple spots among the top 40 players in this category.

There’s no argument out there that can go against Steph Curry’s claim as the greatest 3-point shooter in NBA history. He has the most 3-points made in the history of the league, and he could very well become the first man to break through the 4000 triples mark if he plays for a couple more years and maintains his current rate of 270 or more makes.

However, as impressive as the Golden State Warriors’ All-Star guard is, he doesn’t own every record related to his signature shot. While he is definitely capable of breaking these records, the fact of the matter is it’s not easy and will take a gargantuan effort for him to actually surpass them.

NBA 3-Point Leaders (All-Time)



Stephen Curry


Ray Allen


James Harden


Reggie Miller


Kyle Korver


With that being said, we take a look below at some 3-point records that Curry doesn’t own … yet.

All statistics courtesy of Basketball Reference and all contract information courtesy of Spotrac unless stated otherwise.

5 Single Season 3-Point Attempts

When thinking about Curry, one would make the mistake that all he does is shoot 3-pointers in every game he’s on. But even if he’s considered the greatest shooter alive, the distinction of making the most attempts from downtown in a single season belongs to James Harden, not the Warriors marksman.

Back during the 2018-19 season, the Beard went off from beyond the arc and attempted 1,028 3-pointers. In the span of 78 games, Harden made 378 of those shots, leading the league in that category during the said period.

In comparison, Curry is second in the category with 886 3-point attempts back during the 2015-16 campaign. Looking at those numbers, the Warriors star is far off from Harden, but it’s within the realm of possibility for him to break that record in the future. It could happen if Steph decides to just take triples to increase his volume—though we know he wouldn’t considering how much of a team-player he is.

4 Single Game 3-Point Field Goals

Thanks to Curry’s reputation as the NBA’s best shooter, it’s easy to think he’ll hold the record for the most 3-pointers made in a single game. While that may be the case, that record belongs to his teammate and fellow Splash Brother, Klay Thompson.

The Warriors shooting guard made the most long-range bombs in a single game with 14 3-pointers against the Chicago Bulls in 2018. In second place are three other guys, Damian Lillard, Zach Lavine, and Curry himself, with 13 each.

Even if Thompson is top of this record, the notable detail about Curry in this category is that he holds 13 spots among the top 40 players to score the most 3-point shots in a single game. That alone is a testament to his expertise from downtown.

NBA Single Game 3-Point Record



Klay Thompson


Damian Lillard


Zach LaVine


Stephen Curry


Klay Thompson


Klay Thompson


Stephen Curry


Donyell Marshall


Kobe Bryant


3 Single Game 3-Point Playoff Field Goals

It’s a given that NBA teams take their performance a notch higher when the playoffs come around. This means defenses are harder to crack, and the contending squads employ a variety of offensive schemes to get that win.

In recent years, the 3-point shot has become one of the most potent ways to overcome any opponent on the court. This is seen in the increased volume of long-range shots taken by every team during the last few postseasons. In a single game, though, the record for the most 3-point shots taken doesn’t belong to Curry, or even Thompson at all.

That record was established by Damian Lillard when the Portland Trail Blazers All-Star guard made 12 triples against the Denver Nuggets in the first round of the Western Conference in 2021. Dame Time shot an astonishing 70 percent from deep, hitting 12 of his 17 attempts from the 3-point line.

In comparison, Curry is tied with 10 other players in fourth place, with only nine made in a single postseason game. Those who join the Warriors star in this spot are Donovan Mitchell, Jamal Murray, and Jason Terry, among others.

Sure enough, though, it’s not hard to see Curry thumping that record, especially with the Warriors looking to make the most of Steph’s remaining prime years to contend for the title.

2 Single Season 3-Point Field Goal Percentage

When it comes to the 3-point shot, efficiency is more important than volume. It won’t matter how many shots were taken from beyond the arc because it’s those that go in that are going to be the deciding factor for any team.

In this regard, Curry isn’t the NBA star holding the record for the best 3-point field goal rating in a single season. That prestige belongs to Kyle Korver when he played for the Utah Jazz during the 2009-10 season.

Apart from averaging 7.2 points, 2.1 rebounds, and 1.7 assists, Korver also notched a 53 percent rating from deep. In a span of 18 minutes on the court, the shooting guard connected 1.1 3-pointers from his 2.1 attempts per game. And even if his shooting volume isn’t the same as Curry, his accuracy from beyond the perimeter is worthy of recognition.

1 Career 3-Point Field Goal Percentage

Going beyond a single season and into career averages, there are two players better than Curry in this regard. When it comes to career 3-point field goal percentage during the regular season, Steve Kerr holds the highest rating with 45 percent over the course of his 15-year run in the NBA.

When it comes to the playoffs, Rui Hachimura holds a better rating than Curry by connecting 51 percent of his shots from deep. Although he has only played in two postseasons, the Los Angeles Lakers' young star holds a better rating than Curry’s 39 percent during the playoffs.

With Kerr guiding Curry on the Warriors, though, maybe the Dubs tactician will share some of his shooting secrets to help his superstar take his marksmanship to another level.

While Curry has played for more than a decade in the NBA, it seems that there’s still enough strength in his body to break more records, particularly from the 3-point line. Be on the lookout when the new NBA season starts as the Warriors star aim to solidify his position as the best shooter in the league.